2014 August

Sound and Music

Sound and Music’s Commissioning report is an international survey focusing on the current state of commissioning for composers in the music industry released August 2014.

Click to see the website and the report.

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Barriers to recruitment in the audio visual industry

A report by Dr Jane Holgate and Dr Sonia Mackay for the Working Lives Institute on institutional barriers to recruitment and employment in the audio visual industries, with a particular focus on black and ethinic minorities.

Click to read the report on the Audio visual industries.

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Waging Culture

A report on the socio-economic status of Canadian visual artists by Michael Maranda at The Art Gallery of York University.

Click to read the Waging Culture report.

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Creating without conflict

An FEU report examining bullying, harassment and discrimination in the entertainment and media industries.

Click to read the Creating without conflict report.

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A report by ELEBCIS on employment in Bristol (UK) creative industries.

Click to read the ELEBCIS report.

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Canadian TV industry

Results of a survey looking at the working conditions of those in the Canadian factual TV industry.

Click to read the results on the Canadian TV industry.


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Intern Culture

A report commissioned by Artquest by Dr Sophie Hope and Joanna Figiel reviewing literature, guidelines and toolkits related to internships from 2009-2011.

Click to read the Intern Culture report.

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Respect and Renumeration

A report surveying the attitudes about editorial working conditions in the Canadian magazine industry. (2009)

Click to read Respect and Renumeration report.

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Mixedness in the Arts

A Runnymede thinkpiece report on ethnic minorities and mixed identity in the arts industry.

Click to read the Mixedness in the Arts – Runnymede Trust report.

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Women screenwriters in the UK

A report by the UK Film Council looking at the lack of women screenwriters in the UK film industry.

Click to read Women screenwriters in the UK report.

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